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Shopping: Selecting Clothes

Shopping for clothes is very similar in all parts of the world.  The main difference in the United States is a lack of opportunity for bargaining.  Most stores have fixed prices so it is considered disrespectful to ask for a discount. So it is important to know how much money you are willing to spend for that special outfit.  Most of the clothing sold in the United States is manufactured in other countries, so there is a small amount of price markup.


  • size尺寸
  • color 颜色
  • style 风格,
  • price 价格,
  • discount 折扣,
  • on sale 促销,
  • larger 大一点的(大的比较级),
  • smaller 小一点的(小的比较级),
  • fitting room 试衣间


buying a dress5

Salesclerk: Can I help you?
Customer: Do you have this dress in a smaller size?
Salesclerk: Let me go check…  Here is a smaller dress. Do you like the color?
Customer: The color is nice. I need to try it on. Where is the fitting room?
Salesclerk: It is over there near the elevator.
Customer: Thanks!

A Leather Jacket

Salesclerk: How can I help you?
Customer: I am looking for a jacket.
Salesclerk: We have some woolen jackets or cotton jackets. Is that what you are looking for?
Customer: No, I want to buy a leather jacket. Do you have any?
Salesclerk: I am sorry. We don’t have any leather jackets, but down the street there is another store that sells leather jackets.
Customer: Okay, thanks for your time!
Salesclerk: Please come again soon.



A Note About Sales

buying a dress3

All clothing stores have sales. They must have them in order to keep up with the new trends. In America, the sign is written “% off” meaning to take away the percentage from the cost of the article or clothing. So if a dress costs $100 with a 25% discount, the dress costs $75 before sales tax.

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