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Foods-Dinner or Supper

Dinner is the last meal of the day (Sorry, Taco Bell, there is no fourth meal). Traditional evening meals are a bit heavy with a serving of meat, vegetables, and a starchy food such as bread, noodles, or rice. When I was growing up in the 1970s, my mother would make a variety of casserole dishes rich with creamy sauces, meat such as tuna or ground beef, and noodles or potatoes. Nowadays, lighter foods are more popular.

children set the tabletable setting

Preparing dinner can be a family affair. Children can prepare some of the items for the meals such as portioning bread or setting the dishes at the dinner table, while adults can handle the more complex tasks. This is a bonding time when parents can learn more about the children’s day while teaching them good sanitary food preparation habits.



  • beef 牛肉
  • pork 猪肉
  • chicken 鸡肉
  • lamb 羊肉
  • steak 牛排
  • pork roast 烤猪肉
  • ground beef 牛肉馅
  • spare ribs 排骨

Side Dishes

  • mashed potatoes 蜀蓉,土豆泥
  • scalloped potatoes 烤土豆片跟奶酪
  • string bean 豆角,四季豆
  • corn 玉米
  • peas 豌豆


  • apple pie 苹果排
  • chocolate cake 巧克力蛋糕
  • chocolate pudding  巧克力布丁
  • ice cream 冰淇淋
  • blueberry crumble 蓝莓面包屑

blueberry crumble

Restaurant Phrases

Waiter: Here are your menus. 这是您的菜单

Waiter: Would you like to hear our specials? 您想听听我们的特色菜吗?

Waiter: Have you decided what you’d like? Are you ready to order now? 想好吃了吗?准备点菜了吗?

Waiter: Would you like soup or salad with that? 您要汤还是沙拉?

(after eating) Waiter: Would you like some dessert tonight? 您今晚要甜点吗?

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