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About Me and this Blog

I am a professional English teacher living and working in China. I have lived in China since September, 2014. I enjoy many things about my life in China, including the opportunities to travel and experience new things, foods, and people.

I used the name Panda Grace because my name transliterated in Chinese means Little Grace and my wife’s nickname for me is 小熊猫 which means little panda. She thinks I have a round belly and she loves to pat it.

Aside from posting English content for my students, I want to use this blog as a way to post my experiences for everyone to see. As of yet, I cannot allow pingbacks or commentary since WordPress is in competition with other companies in China. So far this does not require a V P N so I will continue to use it as much as I can during my stay in China.

If you want to leave comments, you can contact me by email at armstrongsean (at) ymail (dot) com

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