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Lunch is the midday meal of the day.  American farmers consider this meal to be the most important meal of the day because it helps them refuel after a long hard morning of work. In urban areas, lunch is a smaller meal usually with a sandwich, salad or soup, potato chips, and a beverage. Many different foods are used to add variety to lunch.

Names of foods:

  • sandwich 三明治
  • hot dog 热狗
  • hamburger 汉堡包
  • soup 汤
  • green salad 菜沙拉
  • tuna salad 吞拿鱼三明治
  • chicken salad 拌鸡丝
  • salad dressing 沙拉酱
  • crackers 脆饼, 梳打饼
  • bread 面包
  • mandarin orange  橘子,桔子
  • grapes  葡萄
  • pasta  意大利面, 挂面
  • rice 大米
  • coffee  咖啡
  • tea 茶
  • juice 果汁

Example sentences

This soup is so delicious!  这汤真美味!

Is the chicken sandwich any good? 鸡肉三明治怎么样?

I enjoy eating cheese and crackers with tomato soup. 我喜欢吃奶酪,脆饼 跟番茄汤。

Tomato soup and toasted cheese sandwiches are delicious on a cold day. 在寒冷的天气,番茄汤跟烤奶酪三明治很好吃.

tomato soup and cheese sandwiches

tomato soup and toasted cheese sandwiches

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